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PDF Mini Pretty in Pink - ANk 315

$4.00 - On Sale

Mini Pretty in Pink Paper Pattern $6.00

Size: 24" x 27"

Perfect for Charm Packs!

We are now offering instant downloads of our PDF patterns, so the pattern will be emailed to you immediately upon checking out.

***Please note that we have had to change the countries that we are able to ship PDF patterns to based on the new VATmoss regulations. If you are from a country that isn't listed and would like to order this pattern, just drop us an email and we can add your country to the list (as long as it isn't in the EU). Our email is: Just let us know which pattern and which country, and we will be happy to add it to the list.

**Please note that the third photo shows the size comparison between the Mini and the original version, but the original version is not included in the mini pattern. It can be found in our book "Living Large".