Riley Blake Block Challenge 2024

This year, I am once again joining Riley Blake Designs in doing their block challenge.  I've had so much fun sewing along the last couple of years and I love sampler quilts, so I am anxious to get started again this year.

Here's how it works - Once a week for 16 weeks, they will offer a block design, along with the free pattern.  At the end of the 16 weeks, the quilt layout will be revealed.  The block challenge starts in January and you can read about all the details on their blog here

Below are the two options that I did last year to give you an idea of what it's like - though this year will feature a different layout.  


Speaking of the layout - that is usually kept as a surprise, but if you want to see it, Riley Blake has posted the image of the final quilt here.  I have made mock ups of several options, using my Grasscloth Cottons and Market Street Collections.  Those collections are shown below.  The images of my mock ups are available upon request by sending me an email at [email protected]

For the past several years, I have offered kits for the challenge.  Since I don't have all of the quilt block instructions yet, it's hard for me to give an exact amount of fabric for each print.  What I did last year was offer a Fat 1/8th bundle of the prints for the blocks.  It's a little generous for some prints, but that way there will be enough and there may even be some leftovers of some of the prints.  I plan to do that again this year, and then you can then add yardage of whatever background you want, plus a border, post fabric and binding.  From the fabric requirements list as given by Riley Blake for their version - it will take about 3 yards of background fabric, plus a yard of fabric for the post/binding.  Some of my variations are different, so different fabric amounts may be needed. 

If you are interested in the kits that I am offering, you can find them at this link.

Here's a look at my first blocks:

This verion uses Market Street for the block details and Grasscloth Cottons in Deep Sea colorway for the background.

This version uses all Grasscloth Cottons, plus the warm Navy colorway for the background.